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Rock Creek School was taught by Ethyle Hackler in 1916 and the following students were enrolled.

​Front row (l to r): Irene Williams, Martha Eaton, Monroe King, Earl Lemmon, Norman Hentis,                Herb Epperson, Carlos Williams, Franke Capps, Bertha Capps, Thelma King, Jimmie King,                  Gertrude Williams.

Second row: Ethyle Hackler, teacher, Roy Thayer, Arthur Smith, Alton Agee, Nellie Capps, Naomi          Cavender, Bea Hentis, Mildred Eaton, Roy Williams, Clay Franks.

Third row: Mary Thayer, Fern Smith, Anna Hayden, Pauline Agee, Lucille Williams, Lora Boley,               Mae Thayer, Marie Williams, Gordon Beatty, Reed Williams and Bert Capps.

(picture is used via the courtesy of Mrs. Mary Thayer Eaton)

Ruby Cherry with her students, at the Rock Creek School #41, circa 1910

(picture courtesy of Leonard West)

Rock Creek School

​This school was located on State Highway HH, south of Elmer. Dates of operation are unknown; however the building was used for a number of years after the school closed for community events, reunions, basket dinners, etc. as late as the 1980's.  The school also served as the location for the first fox hunt sponsored by the Chariton Valley Fox Hunters Association. To the author's knowledge, the building still stands.