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Our School(s)

Elmer Consolidated District No. 1

     Recognition of our School

​        Early History and Teachers

           Our Gymnasium is Built

         ​     Screenshot of Gymnasium Stage Curtain

​                 The School Considers Dissolution

​                     High School Graduates by year

                        Elmer's First School Bus

Country Schools

The schools listed below constitute the country schools that are frequently mentioned by residents of Elmer since many folks residing around or in the community either went to these schools or had relatives that did. Additional information/pictures are provided only for those schools underlined below. I encourage anyone that has additional information about any of these schools to send it to and I'll add it to the website to be shared by all.

      Mercyville School

        Bell School

           Bunce School

              Bunch School

                 Diamond School

                    Rock Creek School

                       Steele School

​                          Barnsville School



(And a little info about Mercyville)